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| January 19, 2019

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How To Take Great Photos In And Around Brighton

How To Take Great Photos In And Around Brighton
Stephanie Newton

Brighton has so many things to see, so many things to do it’s sometimes easy to forget how much natural beauty and interest is lying right within it. With the weather getting better and better, why not take this opportunity to venture out and explore what Brighton has to offer? And what better way to explore Brighton than with you and your trusty lens? So here we are with our top photo tips for how to take great photos in and around Brighton.

A sad sign.

A sad sign.

Find An Interesting Subject Matter

First things first, you have to think about what it is you’re going to photograph. The important thing to bear in mind with this is that not every interesting subject matter will stand out as a spectacle – you have to work with what you’ve got. Now although Brighton does have some really interesting things to photograph, I’ve used the photo above to illustrate that things don’t necessarily have to appear impressive to capture a great photo. For example, the way the ivy leaves frame the sign in this image really caught my eye, and I liked how neglected the sign looked, so I photographed it. An interesting subject matter can simply be interesting to you, or something you see potential in.

Get The Angle Right

Equally important to subject matter, the angle at which you take the photograph. It’s so easy to slip into the habit of simply taking photos from eye level, but in fact it can be much more interesting to come at something from a different perspective. Try crouching, kneeling, standing on a bench or a wall and looking at things from the side for an easy way to make your pictures stand out!


It may sound obvious, but how many times have you taken a photo on your phone where the water bottle in front of your friend is more in focus than them? It’s really important to ensure you’re focusing on what you want the viewer to see first, or what you’ve captured will just fade into the background. Remember, things at the foreground will be focused on more than things in the background, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal.

Colourful houses are a common occurrence in Brighton!

Colourful houses are a common occurrence in Brighton!

Look Out For Colour

Living in Brighton, it’s hard to find somewhere that’s not been infected by colour – So use that to your advantage! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to photograph, colour is a simple and effective way to make your shot stand out. Simply point and shoot.

Queen's Park pond

Queen’s Park pond

Experiment With Reflection

If nothing exciting has caught your eye in Brighton yet (I’d be surprised), experiment with reflections! Reflections aren’t just found in mirrors and Brighton is a great place to experiment with that idea, with fountains, ponds and of course, the sea. A reflective image can be quite thought provoking, especially if you can find one sans seagulls!

Edit, Edit, Edit

There’s no shame in editing. In fact, all great photographers know that editing is their friend, not their foe. When it comes to editing often less is more, but don’t let that stop you from having fun! Firstly and possibly most importantly, crop your image! Even the most well composed images could do from a little crop. By cropping the photo you’ll get rid of dead space, drawing the viewers eye to the focal point.

Or just use the bog standard crop tool!

Or just use the bog standard crop tool!

Using my favourite photo editing software, I use the marquee tool to trim my image. However pretty much all devices are capable of cropping, so feel free to use the photo crop options on your phone!

Using the marquee tool to crop.

Using the marquee tool to crop.

Next it’s important to straighten your image. If there are any lines in your images (which is pretty much always) it will give away if you’re photos a little askew. So simply use the straighten tool on whatever editing programme. (PS: Wonky images are most obvious when photographing horizons, as it’s very clear they aren’t straight.)

Screenshot 2017-05-23 14.46.24

I used the “free transform” button to straighten my image!

Last, but certainly not least, is contrast and brightness. Utilising the contrast tool can add a great amount of depth to a photo and make it seem as though you’ve used a better camera than you really have! When it comes to contrast just remember you want to bring out the beauty in the image, not create a whole new one, so don’t go overboard!

Screenshot 2017-05-23 14.47.04

Although I’m using online photo editing software, there are plenty of phone apps available that will allow you to tamper with your brightness/contrast till your heart’s content!

Just look at the difference a 5 minute edit can make…




Now get snapping!


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