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| November 17, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Olly

Humans of Brighton – Meet Olly
Peggy Bain
  • On April 4, 2018

How long have you lived in Brighton?

‘I grew up in Brighton, then I moved away, (University and then London) now I’ve been back three years.’ ‘I came back to have a baby and to become middle aged, because my parents are from here. We lived in London for ten years.’ ‘We live in the New England quarter, near the station.’

Have you seen Brighton change over the years?

‘Yeah its probably a bit smarter than it was in the nineties. There are still a lot of independent places. There are a lot of people speaking foreign languages, I don’t know if that’s just tourism.’

What’s one of your favourite spots?

‘I quite like Deadwax social, it’s a good place, lots of tables … for a guilty pleasure I quite like the American diner on the seafront. We’ve got a baby, and it’s very noisy, and that’s great for having a baby.’ ‘We live quite close to the centre, and it’s super walkable, it’s great. Comparing it to Brighton where we have to get the tube everywhere, yeah it’s really nice.’

What advice would you give a newcomer to Brighton?

‘Whenever I get visitors … I always try to do a historical tour, try to approach from a historical perspective. So I like to point out which bits developed first, like the medieval centre and then talk about regency period, (the pavillion and the railways etc), give them a core of an understanding of how history has informed the town.’


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