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| November 16, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Nathan 3D Design and Craft Student

Humans of Brighton – Nathan 3D Design and Craft Student
Peggy Bain
  • On February 25, 2018

How long have you lived in Brighton?

“I’m a student, this is my third year, (at Brighton) so I’ve been here two and a half years.”

What are you studying?

“3D Design and Craft , it’s quite broad, it’s sort of wood work, metal work, ceramics, plastics, and then however you want to take that further.”

“I’m actually doing a PGCE next year which will also be at Brighton, so I’ll be going into teacher training.”

Do you like the city?

“Oh yeah, I’m originally from up North, and I’d say it’s the friendliest southern city I’ve been to, in terms of just dealing with people on the street … it feels a lot more like back home, which is why I like it, but with the sea.”

What are your favourite spots in the city?

“Depending on who I’m with, Grubbs or Pompoko is usually a great place to go for food. In terms of drinks either the Gladstone or if it’s with a group of uni mates usually the King and Queen because it’s right across the street.”

Do you like Brighton’s hippy, liberal vibe?

“I don’t do the boutique coffee shops or anything life that but I love the general liberal ideas of the place.”

What advice would you give to someone arriving in Brighton for the first time?

“Get out and explore it. The first day I was here, on my first day of Uni I didn’t know anyone, so I just came out and wandered around. I ended up bumping into two people I got along with, got home ar about 4am. It’s just great to get out and meet people.”

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