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Brighton Journal | 25th February 2020

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Human’s Of Brighton – Alejandro Brought His Dog All The Way From Barcelona

Human’s Of Brighton – Alejandro Brought His Dog All The Way From Barcelona
Hannah Midgley

I met Alejandro Casado whilst he was playing with his dog in the park, he came to Brighton just over a year ago and told me about the challenges of bringing a dog with him.

So you’re from Spain? Why are you here? 

I came here to improve my English and I wanted to go and live in another country and live the experience and yeah so I thought I’ll start in the UK for my English basically. Normally people go to London but I am from Barcelona, I like the sea, I wanted to live close to the sea in Brighton. I came before last year to see London and Brighton and I fell in love with Brighton, it’s really nice. I’ve made lots of friends here in Brighton, Spanish friends but some British.

When did you get your dog? 

I came with her from Spain. It was difficult to be honest. Because you cannot fly on a plane with a dog so I had to take a ferry, which took 24 hours! And you also need a car, I don’t know why but travelling on this ship you need a car. So we shared a car with another Spanish guy who was travelling with his dog, in the same situation. It was tricky.

What’s her name? 

Dana. She is going to be seven in October, she is from a rescue place. I walk her here in Queens Park, on the beach or in Dorset Garden.

Do you work? 

Yes, I work in the Coop. I have the day off today.

If you could be any animal what animal would you be? 

Hm thats a tricky one. Maybe a little bit of a monkey. Definitely, but I’d like to say I’m a bear or something. Actually, I am going to get a tattoo with different animals, I have an appointment today to talk about the design!

Why are you getting that? 

I like tattoo’s and I like animals, I don’t have any other tattoos. It is my first one and I am going to cover my whole arm! I needed to save some money before to come here and now I have the money to do this.

So you are in the UK right now, do you have plans to go to any other countries? 

I always thought about going to Thailand but I realised that it is really really difficult if you go with a dog. Because maybe they will sacrifice your dog. But it depends, I have been working with a recyclable plant in Hove called Veolia. It is a company with branches all over the world and maybe just maybe, I thought I could travel with them. I don’t know, I’d like to go to Australia or New Zealand but it is difficult, it is really difficult travelling with a dog. But yeah I’d like to see something different as it is not too different living here as it is in Spain, I want to see another culture.

If you had one message to the world what would it be? 

Just take it easy and enjoy.

We agree! 


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