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| November 13, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Amy, Web Designer

Humans of Brighton – Amy, Web Designer
Peggy Bain
  • On February 4, 2018

How long have you lived in Brighton?

‘Probably about two years now, just coming up to three years. I did study in Brighton, I was studying media journalism for a while. I’m from Shoreham so I’m quite local really, my family live in Shoreham. I moved to Brighton whilst I was studying for more work and things. I got married last year in Brighton, so me and my husband live in Brighton together now.’

What do you spend your days doing at the moment?

‘I work as a sort of web designer and a copywriter now. The company I work for is a design company in Hove and they do a lot of the website design for a lot of local Brighton companies like the Chilli Pickle and Toby Tiger, Cafe Coho places like that … I sort of help run their social media and write their blog and do a lot of copy writing for them and things like that.’

‘I did Creative media practice and Journalism. I really love writing, occasionally I do pieces for Brighton Source, I really like to write basically.’

Have you seen Brighton change over the years?

‘I think it feels the same because I’ve been around Brighton my whole life, but I feel like I’ve seen it develop an awful lot more business wise but also the sense of community as well, I feel like it’s become a lot more diverse and equal and there’s so many community projects that people can get involved in which are really lovely and a lot of artistic ones as well which are really nice.’

What’s your favourite spot in Brighton?

‘I really like Pelicano, its a really nice coffee place I always go to with my friends or my husband. Their cakes and hot chocolates are amazing.’

How should someone new to Brighton approach the city?

‘Make sure you make the most of it. There are just so many different things to see and do here, whether its in the outdoors or events going on locally, its just endless, the amount of creative things that go on. Its just such a vibrant place to live. It’s good, if you’re visiting, to just take advantage of as many of those things as possible.’

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