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| October 23, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Emily the Political Sciences student

Humans of Brighton – Emily the Political Sciences student
Thays Schumacher

We met Emily on her lunch break in the park, enjoying a rare moment of relaxation. We had a quick chat with her about her and favourite place in England: Brighton!

Hi Emily, could you tell us something about you? Yes, of course. I’m 21 years old, studying political science at University, but also working. I decided to stay here rather than go home, because Brighton is so lovely! So I’ve decided to live here.

So, where do you come from originally? I was born about five hours drive north from here, so I’m from the other side of the country! But I live here properly now, for about two years.

Why did you come here? Well, university brought me here. But the real reason I came is because of how brilliant Brighton is in every way. It’s beautiful, it’s small, it’s got so much to do and it’s so liberal as well. As a political science student, living here is liberal in every way. It’s really politically driven, and that’s why everyone calls it the “Brighton Bubble”. People here share the same values, are very free and open mind and that is really nice.

What’s your favourite place here in Brighton? What do you recommend? Just sitting down here and having lunch in the garden, it could be Old Steine garden or the Royal Pavilion garden. I’m quite a busy person but sitting here on my lunch break is quite calming. And on your days off go and have a little look down the North Laine, there is always something new to see there or try out a new burger place – that is a really big thing in Brighton.

Do you have some favourite place to eat here? You can’t go wrong with Burger Brothers. It’s brilliant there. Really nice.

Could you describe Brighton in a few words? You can lay back. You can’t get bored of Brighton. It’s quite an exciting place, it always has something going on.

Our last exciting question: Brighton or London? I’ve never lived in London but I never wanted to. I want to stay in Brighton. If I had to work in London I would rather stay in Brighton just because how small it is. It feels more like home.

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