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| November 19, 2018

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Humans Of Brighton – Jennie Moloney aka Mittens The Musical Kitten

Humans Of Brighton – Jennie Moloney aka Mittens The Musical Kitten
Graham Cushway

Brighton Journal spotted this adorable kitty-cat on the seafront near Yellowave Beach Sports Centre, where Jennie Moloney (23) had been booked to perform at one lucky child’s birthday party. With a look like this we just HAD to stop her for a chat.

How long have you lived in Brighton?

I have lived in Brighton for four and a half years.  I was originally here to study at Brighton Institute for Modern Music (BIM), and stayed afterwards. I love this city!

What do you do for a living?

Well today I am entertaining children singing and with my acoustic guitar. I also busk and I have a comedy night at Marwood Cafe on Ship Street called ‘Musical Comedy’. I do all sorts of music – folk, country, jazz and theatre stuff. That’s stuff I want to do. I also have a catering job.

Do you have any message for the people of Brighton?

Play. Be fun. Be silly. Make people laugh …

That’s an interesting ensemble (see full length photo below).  

I am Mittens The Musical Kitten! I am usually a cat when I do music, whether that’s busking or for the children. Sometimes I dress as a princess instead though. I might start using this look for all of my musical endeavours. I am actually wearing a real fox’s tail. I haven’t tried doing a fox character yet though. Maybe I should?

Mittens the Musical Kitten was photographed wearing the following:  Hat by The Salvation Army (via a charity shop), Coat and collar sourced from charity shops. Corset by She Said. Earrings by Etsy.  Tail (not shown) is by a fox, via a charity shop and covered with a stocking. 

Hat by The Salvation Army, Corset by She Said, Tail by … a fox …

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