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| December 10, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Alan and his Herbie!

Humans of Brighton – Meet Alan and his Herbie!
Thays Schumacher

Hi my name is Alan Horwood,

Hi, nice to meet you Alan! Are you from here?  No, I was born in London and I’ve lived in Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge.

Could you tell us about you? I’m 50 years old and I used to work in Health and Safety, but now I’m retired and 5 years ago I started to restore my Volkswagen Beetle.

It’s beautiful! Is it a replica of Herbie the character that is featured in several Walt Disney movies in the end of 60s? Yes it is, Herbie is distinguished by red, white and blue racing stripes from the front to the back bumper, a racing number “53” on the front luggage compartment lid, doors, and engine lid and a yellow on black “63”California license.

fusca 2

Alan inside of his Replica of Herbie in North Laine

What made you choose Brighton? In fact, I came here because of my work. Now I’m living in Hollingbury, but I always come to visit Brighton on regular basis.

Why? Well, I like to come here in the North Laine. I enjoy driving my car in the streets of Brighton and see the smiles on peoples faces when they see my Herbie.

London or Brighton? I prefer Brighton to other cities I’ve lived in.

Thank you Alan, nice to meet you! Hope to see you next sunday again with your Herbie.

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