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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Barry the Busker

Humans of Brighton – Meet Barry the Busker
Hannah Midgley

We met Barry Hawk in The Lanes busking this week and had a quick chat with him, check it out!

Hi Barry, could you tell us a little about you? I’m Irish and come from a city called Cork. I’m a musician and a busker, and I also give English lessons.

Why did you come here? Well, I lived in Italy for a while with my girlfriend. Last year, we planned a holiday to visit Brighton, but just for a few days. We fell in love with the city and decided to move to live here!

What were your first impressions of Brighton? Brighton has this amazing atmosphere, very colorful and celebrates diversity. The people is free, they live their lives to the full.

What is the one thing you’d recommend for people in Brighton to do if they get the chance? I highly recommend to visit Marwood Coffee Shop. Why I like this place? Well, the diversity, is not a simple coffee shop, I can go there  in the morning to take a tea or coffee, but I can also go at evening to drink beer.

Every time the same question comes out: Brighton or London?
I prefer Brighton, because its an easier place to live and it’s not stressful as London.

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