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| December 11, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Giulia

Humans of Brighton – Meet Giulia
Kim Ayling
  • On July 29, 2018

For this week’s instalment of Humans of Brighton, we caught up Giulia, an Italian musician, hoping to move to Brighton.

Hi Giulia! So you’re visiting Brighton?

Yes – I’m often here to visit my boyfriend. I’m originally from Milan, but thinking about moving here!

So, apart from your boyfriend, what would draw you to the city?

I love the small streets and I like that it’s a small city, but full of people. It also feels very active to me, and I love that there’s lots of music – I’m a musician so that’s perfect.

Tell us about your music – what do you play?

I’m a drummer, I don’t have a band right now but I’d love to find one! I’ve always played in bands in Italy. I’ve always done Garage or Punk, but now I want to move to Jazz. Brighton seems to have a good Jazz scene!

And if you could change one thing about Brighton, what would it be?

Well, in comparison to Italy… shops close so early here, around 5.30pm, but in Italy we’re used to shopping until 7.30/8 in the evening. But that also means that people who work in shops finish work earlier, which is good for them. That’s the only thing so far!


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