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Brighton Journal | 7th April 2020

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Kai and Skye!

Humans of Brighton – Meet Kai and Skye!
Hannah Midgley

Hello lovelies!

Meet this fabulous couple, Kai, 20 (on the right) and Skye, 23 (on the left) who just can’t get enough of each other!


Kai and Skye met home-sharing over the summer and their relationship “progressed from there”. I could tell that they found so much comfort in each others gaze, it was beautiful to witness.

Kai has been living in Brighton for around 2 years now and Skye moved over about 3 months ago!

Kai is studying philosophy and loving the course! “I love to learn about the different philosophers and their way of explaining all the different aspects of life, the mind and how we control it etc” a curious magical is this one! Curiousness will open many doors, I’d say!

Skye ached answering my question about age (23) “I don’t want to grow up, who does!?”, 23 is hardly the end of your life Skye, it’s barely the beginning, chin up lovely! Skye explained they’d been “a little bit homeless” at one point, I liked the use of vocabulary “a little bit”. Skye went on to explain that they’d been between apartments momentarily and was couch surfing at friends flats. All the while working in a homeless hostel in London which Skye feels is very rewarding in the sense that they get to help people and feel useful.

Skye continued “I have to look normal at work as to not steer attention from whats going on, so when i’m not working, I chose to dress to please myself and feel comfortable as a non binary person”. Skye believes that this style gives a “nice sense of lack of identity”.

Matching hair partners! I complemented these two on their fantastic colourful hair and watched them look at one another with adoration. Skye told me “I love Kai’s curly hair”. AW <3


I asked these blessed partners if they thought Brighton was a safe place for kids to grow up, with its reputation for drug use and how they think being exposed to drugs at a young age can effect the younglings of this town. Skye replied that drugs are a taboo, “being exposed to them isn’t the problem”. They went on “the problem is the healthcare system, we’re brought up in a world that discriminates drug users and treats them like alien creatures, not to be touched. They’re people that need care and attention and they’re being tossed a side.” If drug abusers weren’t so discriminated then perhaps the rebellious younglings wouldn’t be drawn to use and then fall into an addiction as such. They gave the example “at work, we love our heroin addicts, they don’t cause any problems. The chaos is caused by the drunks and the coke addicts.”

I really enjoyed talking to Kai and Skye, I wish them all the happiness in the world and pray that they stay together as long as they make one another as happy as they did when i met them!

Let the magic continue!

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