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Brighton Journal | June 25, 2019

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Humans of Brighton: Meet Martha

Hannah Midgley

This week the Brighton Journal got talking with 19-year-old Martha, who is currently studying Fine Art at the Brighton MET.

Martha was on her way to college when we met, and we began discussing her work.

“I’m looking at the limitations of human biology, and how our perceptual environment is built up through senses. Recently, I’ve been researching someone who made a film about making a recovering from a stroke, about learning to read and write again and how the stroke had changed her experience of the world, she said she had a more heightened sensory experience than she had before, and felt emotions more strongly. I’ve been making short films, using microscopes, looking at sound and creating immersive installations, and interactive art to highlight that our reality is less absolute than we assume.”

“The foundation course is really good at MET, the teachers allow us to grow by guiding us, but we are mostly left to explore on our own. Being at the MET is really nice because it’s right in the center of the Lanes, it’s like a creative hub.”

“I’ve been introduced to loads of new venues since doing the course, I love the Walrus because they often have talks there. Everyone at college is really supportive and I often go and see my friends doing gigs at venues like the Green Door Store.”

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