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| November 17, 2018

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Meg!

Humans of Brighton – Meet Meg!
Hannah Molnar

19 year old fashion enthusiast Meg was born in East-London and moved over to Brighton when she was 1. She lived in Brighton until she was 16, then moved to London for 2 years to study business for fashion retail at fashion retail Academy. She only recently moved back! “I missed Brighton so much, my friends, the people. Everyone’s a lot more chatty round here! You can walk down the street here and people are going to say hello to you and everyone in London is so moody, on a mission. You get people treading on the backs of your feet.”

Meg says it’s very different but that she loves Brighton with all her heart “there’s a lot going on, not maybe as much as London, it’s a quieter pace of life… It’s like the relaxed version of London”.

I asked Meg what she loved so much about Brighton “its quirkiness, there’s a lot going on here that you’re not going to see anywhere else in the world, I reckon. Vintage shops mainly, they are plentiful around here!”

Meg describes her style as a bit different, a bit quirky, colourful “I like to dress in what I like to wear and not what anyone else is going to tell me to. If anyone tells me what I’m wearing doesn’t look good, fuck them, I wear what I want to wear.” I loved her confidence! Meg says she’s always been this way “I love dressing up, always! Everyday is my catwalk! Everyday is a fashion show! It’s the first thing that someone sees about you. I think the way you dress sets your image, describes you without having to talk at all.” Meg gets most of her clothes online, on Ebay, Depop or in charity shops.

What about the bleu hair, I had to know! “I’ve had this colour for about 3 years now and it’s my favourite, BLEU TILL I DIE! I’m going to take this colour to the grave! I went red when everyone was going through the Rihanna faze, but then I went bleu and now there’s no turning back. It’s a part of me now. I think everyone knows me as having bleu hair so if I went back to brown everyone would be like, whose that?” So I asked Meg if she was a natural brunette and clearly supporting her previous comment she good humouredly replied “I’m a natural bleu!” Hahahaha. She then went on to confirm she was a natural brunette, jokes a side 🙂


In her free time, she works on her up and coming business project to make and design her own brand of clothing, using and learning from her parents seamstress skills and some new equipment she’s acquired. Meg has been able to pursue this dream of hers since she’s been working for the last month as she’s now able to fund the ideas she’s got. “I was going to just have an online shop, selling second hand things. But then i thought i’d make my own stuff as well! I’ve got all these ideas to create clothing that’s individual, defying the norm.. taking inspiration from vintage seen-before styles and updating them to be futuristic, modern in print and colour. ”

She’s really exited about it, who wouldn’t be! “this is what I want to do! I went to college and I thought I don’t really want working a retail job all my life, I want big things!”

So the business plan consists of building her own website “I’ve got to think about the right place to market, so that my target customers have easy access”. Her 2 years at business school in London has taught her a lot on how to go about her new project. “Social media is obviously a really good tool, the best way to get people seeing your stuff. I’d love to get a team together, maybe some mates, to help me out.”

I ask Meg why she didn’t consider going to the fashion design school in Brighton and she made a good point that it cost 9 grand a year “I don’t want to put myself in dept before I start making any money. I’m just going to teach myself. I think if you’ve got talent, you’ve got to use it and teach yourself.” I agree, if you genuinely believe you are going to achieve something, then you will, as Meg added “it’s all in the mind”.


Curious of where Meg likes to go in Brighton, she pondered briefly “Beyond Retro, the lanes (obviously)” . She’s a big drum&bass fan and says that the Concorde 2 is usually a good scene or the Arch but that she is still discovering the night life of Brighton.

Meg’s got a brother whose 24 who she gets on really well with “he’s doing his own thing now and I’m doing my own thing, but it’s weird when you grow up with someone and you spend every day with them and then it’s like shit okay we’re doing our own things now, it’s a bit weird…” Meg misses her big bro a lot!

Her mum supports her alternative style and encourages Meg to do her what she wants to do!

This crazy, lovely, open minded girl was a delight to encounter, she’s ambitious and full of individual funk and quirk! I don’t doubt she’ll end up exactly where she intends to!

Lastly, I wanted to know if she ever got any Family Guy references ‘shut up Meg’??? “Oh my god yes! If I had a pound for every time… Hahahaha but people always think my real name is Megan but it’s actually Margret!”

Toodles! And let the magic continue!

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