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Brighton Journal | 12th December 2019

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Hurry Up To Get Rid Of Your Old Fivers!

Hurry Up To Get Rid Of Your Old Fivers!
Hannah Midgley

Brightonians listen up because this will make life easier for you. If you still have some of these old paper fivers in your wallets, you had better spend them by midnight today. From tomorrow on, shops and restaurants will no longer accept them.

Getting them changed after tonight will require some effort. From tomorrow on, you will have to take them to your bank to get them changed or to a local post office to put them into your bank account. If at some point, your bank doesn’t accept to take them anymore, you can always send them back to the Bank of England.

Credit @ PA.

Credit @ PA.

When it comes to design, the notes do not differ much one from another. It’s just the material that has changed. While the old fiver is made out of paper, the new one is made out of polymer. It was in September last year that the Bank of England brought the new note on the market.

Last month, Bank of England said that there were still almost 165 million old £5 notes out there. So check your wallets and save yourself unnecessary trouble.

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