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| November 14, 2018

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Inspired by Brighton: Artist Alberto Martinez

Inspired by Brighton: Artist Alberto Martinez
Holly Martin

Brighton is known to inspire many, from musicians to authors to artists, and this is no different for Alberto Martinez. Martinez was born in Cuba and studied art in the city of Trinidad, yet has called Brighton his home, and his inspiration, for seven years.

His work features some familiar sights, such as the pier and the pavilion, and my absolute favourite, a painting of the west pier built as matches, named ‘whodunnit’. His work is so original, most with a comedic twist such as a snail with an award winning beach hut as his home. He writes on his website “I was inspired both creatively and personally by the multiculturalism and diversity within the city, which I was not used to up to that point. Brighton is still a daunting place for me. I’ve been here for seven years now, and even though it feels like home, sometimes I find myself looking at places and building as if I’m seeing them for the first time…why not have penguins walking down the road. Or a Soviet rocket for a tower. Does it matter, really? Isn’t Brighton itself surrealist enough? Maybe being an outsider helps me to see the wonders and details of this city you can miss due to everyday life”

Currently, Martinez is working on a four-week long project called Kaleidoscope which he has said ‘encapsulates the drama of living in a diverse society’ which sounds like it will be a really interesting piece. His artwork reflects the quirkiness Brighton prides itself on, and his artwork will thrill anyone that loves an art piece with a difference. Alberto Martinez has had exhibitions in Trinidad, Cuba and here in Brighton, particularly at the Open House Festivals. His artwork was also available in the JAG Gallery in Maderia drive, though most of his artwork is in private collections. You can find his artwork on his website.

all images belong to Alberto Martinez

Holly Martin

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