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| November 19, 2018

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Inspired by El Chapo: The Most Wanted Shirt

Inspired by El Chapo: The Most Wanted Shirt
Holly Martin

Fashion is inspired by many things, some of them a bit more unusual than the others. For example, Star Wars, or the infamous drug lord El Chapo. I’m sorry…what?

Yes, that’s right, Barbaras a ‘premium apparel brand’ in Los Angeles are capitalising on the drug lord’s ability to be on the run yet on trend and are selling shirts similar to the ones he wore in the photos released of himself and actor Sean Penn. El Chapo is seen wearing two shirts, one of which is a blue and grey collared shirt with two darker solid blue panels down the front and then a blue shirt with a paisley pattern. Both shirts are sold at Barbaras for a cool $128 right alongside the photo of El Chapo with Penn. As if that wasn’t hint enough that they had taken inspiration from the $1bn Heroin entrepreneur, they have also called it the “Most Wanted Shirt” and is advertised as the “famous El Chapo shirt” on their Facebook page.

Somehow, whilst staying low, El Chapo has managed to stay bang on trend as paisley is due to make a comeback for Spring/Summer 2016. Maybe he reads Vogue on his burner phone. As if this wasn’t odd enough, the company that are selling the shirts have the slogan “Good words, good thoughts, good deeds” and they further expand on this in their about us page with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility”. Hmm, not quite sure becoming a notorious drug lord is what Eleanor Roosevelt was talking about but this company seems to think so.

Whether this is a passing fad, or a chance to get your Halloween costume in early, the shirts seem to be selling well. So next time you’re stuck for something to wear down the pub, why not go for El Chapo Chic? You can check out their website here.


Holly Martin

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