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| January 19, 2019

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Interactive Bus Stops Asks Public ‘How Are You’

Interactive Bus Stops Asks Public ‘How Are You’
Holly Martin

The next time you’re waiting for a bus on Western Road, have a look for the bus stop that is asking the public how they are. As part of the Public Health England’s One You campaign, this bus stop is one of nine interactive bus stops which are now live across England.

Featuring television doctor Dr Hilary Jones, the bus stop is the first of its kind to provide tailored health messages. Dr Hilary appears on a large screen with a pre-recorded message, asking passers-by to call a free phone number to receive information from him to improve their health. Which is nice of him. After the call, Dr Hilary texts the caller with a link to an online health quiz, How Are You. One You is the ‘first ever nationwide campaign to address preventable death and disease in adults caused by modern day life’ such as unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or excessive smoking and drinking.

Dr Hilary Jones said “it is difficult for people to find time to prioritise their health amongst the demands of modern day life, so when better to take stock of how you are feeling than while waiting for a bus? The bus stops which can be found around the country ask people how they really are and provide them with free One You support to help them take action and improve their health. My patients often think that ill health in later life is inevitable, yet making small changes now can have a dramatic impact on preventing illness and improving how they feel now and in the years to come.” Councillor Daniel Yates, the chair of the Brighton & Hove’s health and wellbeing board said “we are working with Public Health England to encourage people to think about simple ways to improve health for the future. It is sometimes easy to forget to prioritise ourselves and, especially our health, in the pressures of everyday life. The One You campaign is about helping people to look at small differences which will make a big long-term personal difference to health and wellbeing. The bus stop is an innovative way to start the conversation with people travelling in our city.”

You can also take the quiz online by clicking here.


Holly Martin

feature image: Bari Bookout via the Creative Commons license

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