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| November 17, 2018

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Investigation Launched Over Notorious Bin Thieves

Investigation Launched Over Notorious Bin Thieves
Kim Ayling
  • On June 13, 2018

Brighton and Hove City Council have joined the police in their investigation into the recent thefts of large black bins from Brighton businesses.

The current investigation is working around CCTV footage which shows one of the thieves lingering around a large black bin, before casually pushing the bin down the road.

A total of 16 bins have been stolen so far, amounting to a value of around £5000, with the criminals primarily targeting Western Road, Church Road, Preston Road and New England Street. It is thought that the suspects steal the bins and clean and repaint them, before selling them on the black market, where they can fetch up to £200.

Whilst this was initially perceived as a couple of incidences of petty crime, it has grown to become an ongoing issue, as not only is it wasting valuable taxpayers money in both the cost of the investigation and the replacement of stolen bins, but also leads to fly tipping when the thieves inevitably have to tip out the contents. They even had the audacity to steal one brand new bin bought by the council just two days after the first one had been replaced.

Chair of the city’s environment, transport and sustainability committee, Councillor Gill Mitchell has made a plea for anyone with any information to offer the investigation to come forward: “These crooks are not only stealing from the council, they are also stealing from the public as it costs the council money to replace them […] We are determined to catch these thieves and have some clear CCTV footage of them taking the bins.”

The police have appealed for anyone who has witnessed any of the thieving incidents or has any information on the thieves themselves to contact them on 101 quoting serial 504 of 27/05.

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