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Brighton Journal | 21st January 2020

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Is Your 50p Coin Worth £100?

Is Your 50p Coin Worth £100?
Hannah Midgley

Next time you open your purse or wallet, or digging around for change in your pocket, take a closer look as you may be carrying around a rare 50p coin worth up to £100.

rr-table-50pcoins have established a scarcity list with 50p coins selling for 10-12 times more than their face value. So if you have a 50p, it’s worth checking the design to see if it’s the rarest and most valuable. kh-composite-coin24

The rarest coin of the list is the Kew Gardens design which is worth up to £100 on eBay. A quick online auction check suggests much more. The rarer the coin the more valuable it is. The scarcity list on tracks circulating 50p coin to which are more scarce and more collectible. Kew Gardens was issued only 210,000 which makes this the most rare and most in demand. The most recent Kew Gardens sold for £220.

The next four scarcest coins fetch around £8 – £15 on eBay. The Beatrix Potter collection is also on the high rank list. Jemima Puddle Duck and Squirrel Nutkin are most high on demand and sold on eBay in bags for roughly £35 or £1.75 per coin.


The other rare coins include Suffragettes and Battle of Hastings and can fetch around £5 or £10 each.

So best start digging around for those coins. There are also rare new £1 coins to find.

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