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Brighton Journal | June 25, 2019

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Join the Tidy Up Team to keep Brighton’s open spaces litter-free

Hannah Midgley

Tidy Up Team is a volunteer scheme run by Brighton & Hove City Council. It was officially established in 2017 and it provides volunteers with the skills and tools to keep the city’s green spaces tidy and litter-free.

The idea takes inspiration from the Big Clean Up event, which took place in July 2015. After the initial work by Cityclean in the early morning, more than 150 locals met up at the beach and collected all the rubbish that was left over the weekend.

The most recurrent items found were shards of glass, lengths of netting and wire, bottle caps and cigarette ends. Among the more unusual items there were a pair of handcuffs, as well as two bags of drugs, one of which was believed to be cocaine.

Following the event, people grew an interest for Brighton and Hove’s green spaces. Garry Meyer, one of the people behind the Tidy Up Team, said:

The response by some volunteer groups in Brighton & Hove was overwhelming and it was clear the appetite to clean up our parks was as great as it is to clean up our beaches. A new proposal was drafted that dealt specifically with green spaces and over the summer of 2017 a series of launch events called ‘Clean Up – Green Up’ signed up nearly 50 people who wanted to get involved with the Tidy Up Team.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer will receive full training and all the material necessary to carry out litter-picking tasks safely.

Since 2017, over 150 volunteers have become involved, with a further 300 on the mailing list.

A Big Tidy Up is organised every month, as well as plenty other meet-ups in a green space near you. You can find more information about volunteer opportunities on the Council’s website, and you can apply to volunteer here.

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