December 6, 2021

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Jose Antonio Cast: Worse Than Augusto Pinochet | Comment

Short hit Jose Antonio Cast (Photo) In the first round of the presidential election (150,000 votes difference). Gabriel Borick More than 7 million) puts Chile on the brink of a bad end. The Fூரhrer behind this operetta is proud of his Nazi ancestry and admires a tyrant – and a thief – Augusto PinochetToday the ruined remains of the traditional Chilean right are piled up. His treacherous personalities, who were concentrated in various parties, who at first despised him and mocked his ridiculous character, now exalt him as the Messiah destined to save Chile from the clutches of the left or from the aliens of the president’s wife. Sebastian Pinera He thought he had seen the best days of October 2019.

Cost, etc. Jair Bolzano, Donald Trump And Santiago Abascal (President of Vox, nostalgia for the good old days burns Francisco Franco And this Holy Inquiry In Spain) are the developments that divide capitalist society as it begins its irreversible decline. Good manners and hypocritical calls for democracy and human rights lead to these gruesome vomits, which hasten the journey towards the destruction of humanity. Enthusiastic greetings came from beyond the Andes Javier MilliCongratulations to another speaker of the same descent for managing to translate his “successful plan for Chile into votes” and at the same time keeping socialism out of poverty. Long Live Freedom Fuck. “In full harmony with Argentina’s nonsense, Cast responded,” Thank you very much dear Javier. Long live freedom in Chile and Argentina, alas!

Beyond these revelations, the important thing is that this issue and the reactionary crowd that surrounds him (which celebrated his victory with a significant rise in the Santiago stock market on Monday) are a definite project. Elected President of Chile. Costin’s “government plan” is exposed in a detailed 204-page document entitled “Dare Chile”, which begins with the “Republican Report”, exposing the evils affecting that country: “progressive punishment for property; improving an intermediate state; Identifying impossible enemies; justifying violence and vandalism, transgression and disrespect for power; corrupt views of gender, race, sexual orientation, human rights interpretation (and) revival of misguided neo-Marxist discourse on the persecution of the Christian faith. (P. 3) The following is a detailed calculation of the 829 (Sic!) Corrective measures required to resolve such a tragic situation: it is not practical to recreate them here, but to accurately categorize what awaits Chile when it comes to these Fர்hrer canteens. I boldly invite my readers to try and get rid of that stinking rubbish that blows the stench of decisive proposals.

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As shown, some buttons:

# 72 “Strengthening Chile’s relations with the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany, As President of the European Union, as strategic political partners. We are developing closer ties with countries in the Asia-Pacific region due to their growing economic importance.Of course, for Cast and his brilliant advisers, China does not.

# 74 “Important aspect of security Prevent national political actors from seeking transnational alliances to increase their chances of coming to power in Chile, And do it even irreversibly. The historical course of such destructive regimes is a serious danger Cuba and Venezuela Chile’s far-left groups and political parties support it through illegal and covert means, and our elected governments have shown extreme weakness and tolerance in the face of it. The old theory that conflicts and social struggles are coming to Chile from abroad; Formerly from the Soviet Union, today from Cuba and Venezuela.

I can not fail to mention another nonsense common to a caveman, as the proud graduate of FLACSO. Recommendation No. 77 of its plan warns, “A special case deserves the situation FLACSO, An institution of educational character that has led to decades of political activity and the labor refuge of former national and foreign politicians. The Company will be notified of the termination of its operations in our country.The truth is, it has been many years since I met FLACSO’s internationally certified, unworthy, ignorant and primitive men as teachers of this porn. The program continues on its No. 82 promise, “We will exclude Chile from the UN Human Rights Council,” a cross-organization dedicated to effectively defending the human rights of all citizens instead of announcing the closure of the current 30th National Human Rights Commission. , 31st, “More prisons for Chile and greater security and benefit for Gentor warranty over”.

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The culmination of this fascist and heinous scheme was the re-enactment of the horrific Plan Conder, which blinded the lives of thousands of Latin Americans in the days of Pinochet, Vidola and companies and condemned the deportation of many. # 33 vaguely declares that it is progressing.International Anti-Terrorist Left Coalition. (Sic!) What happens in Colombia is not a coincidence. The pattern of anti-social eruption in Chile is recurring. We will work with other Latin American governments to identify, arrest and prosecute extremist insurgents. Pinochet implemented the Condor plan, but he never acknowledged its existence. Cast, on the other hand, arrogantly seeks the blink of an eye on Washington’s ally.

In short: a plan based on the war slogan of the Franco regime: “Long live death!” And combined with radical neoliberal economic planning. In short: this madman has achieved what seemed hitherto impossible: a more reactionary, dictatorial and violent politician appeared in Chile than Pinochet. Cast. We hope voters will get up on time and prevent this monster from overpowering and plunging the land of Salvador Allende, Victor Zara, Pablo Neruda, Gladys Marin, Violeta Barra and many more into savagery.