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| November 14, 2018

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Katie’s Nuttery: The New Vegan Mylkman of Brighton

Katie’s Nuttery: The New Vegan Mylkman of Brighton
Georgia Kolakowski

Katie’s Nuttery is a Brighton-based, family business inspired by a life long obsession with nut butters and the recent uprising of vegan and plant-based diets. Twice a week, on a Wednesday and Saturday, you can now get their delicious mylk sent straight to your office or home. It will arrive in a glass bottle on your doorstep, just like the traditional milk man service.

There are six mylks and five butters to choose from. There’s ‘Almond Mylk’, ‘Cashew Mylk’, ‘Hazelnut Mylk’ and three special types, one is ‘Holy Cacao!’ a chocolate mylk made from their creamy hazelnut concoction; ‘Sunshine Mylk’ with a base of Brazil mylk to which they add tumeric and ginger for a tasty treat and finally the ‘Caramaca!’ which is a malty, caramel and maca blend of almond mylk, it sort of sounds like caramel and malteasers in a bottle – what’s not to like! They’re on the pricey side at around £4.50 a bottle but consider they are home-made, from nuts (of which good quality ones are expensive) and they have to make a profit somehow. On their website it states that the “nut mylks don’t use emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives, and are unpasterised – though they don’t last as longs as UHT ones, the taste is incomparable”.

The butters come in the form of the classic ‘Peanut Butter’, ‘Almond Butter’, ‘Cashew Butter’, ‘Pecan Butter’ and ‘Hazelnut Butter’. Again these are on the pricey side at between £3.25 to £6.95 but as a present or a special treat or as a new monthly allowance, these butters are luxurious and delicious. They say they are “extremely passionate about living a healthy life and feeling as fantastic as I possibly can. Here at Katie’s Nuttery I want to share my passion and love of these nutty things and encourage everyone to discover that wholesome, plant-based foods are all about delicious flavours, indulgent eating and happy bodies”.

The delivery service has a minimum order of £5 with a system of 25p credit for every bottle and box returned to the courier. There’s a £1.50 charge under £15 and it’s free over. They’re delivered between 9:30am and 11am on a Wednesday and between 8:30am and 10am on a Saturday. They’re being delivered through Recharge Cargo who are a living wage-employer courier service based in Brighton. If you don’t want a new mylkman but are intrigued by the mylks check out their website for more stockists!

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