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| April 19, 2019

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Do you know how to keep your motorbike safe?

Do you know how to keep your motorbike safe?
Lorraine Bigi

Sussex Police is launching a new campaign to help reduce moped and motorbike theft, which has been rising over the last summer.

The number of thefts is now decreasing thanks to various operation being put in place to tackle the problem. With this new campaign, the police wants to remind drivers to ‘lock, chain and cover their bikes’ and make sure theft numbers do not rise again.

On the Sussex Police website, they provide drivers with tips on how to keep their mopeds and motorbikes safe. These are:

  • Lock your bike to make it harder to steal;
  • Use a chain;
  • Cover your bike so that thieves cannot recognise the type and model of your bike;
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area, if possible one with CCTV.

We are appealing to all riders in Sussex to be vigilant in keeping their vehicles safe whenever they are out on the road. You may just be parking for five minutes, or just leaving your vehicle while you run an errand, but that’s all that is needed for thieves to take advantage of an unlocked moped or motorbike.

Don’t give them the opportunity they are looking for. Your vehicle is worth more than a £10 bike lock, so invest now and keep your property safe.

Inspector Brian McCarthy

Posters will be put in place in areas where thefts usually occur, as well as in parking areas.

Mopeds and motorbikes in Sussex are usually stolen for resell or for joy-riding. Unlike in London, stealing bikes to commit more crimes is rare, but not impossible.

You can read more about how to protect your vehicle on the Sussex Police website.

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