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| November 15, 2018

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Brighton Socialite: King of the Fringe at the Marlborough Theatre

Brighton Socialite: King of the Fringe at the Marlborough Theatre
Marc Kis
  • On March 15, 2016

A colourful band of drag kings filled the Marlborough Theatre on Prince’s Street in Brighton last Friday night to witness the glory of the second of three rounds of the only King of the Fringe event in the UK.

Sammy Silver

Sammy Smith, last year’s winner, presented the evening and performed, leading the laughing crowd through a slew of amusing thrusty jokes.  Photo by David Smith.


The five hopeful contestants had to impress a panel of eagle-eyed judges.  Photo by David Smith.


The three judges assessed the drag king’s choice of fashion, manly talents, and their ability to endure a hilarious Q&A section to prove themselves as true men – with an opportunity for the winner to grab a round £100 prize for the winner at the grand finale in Brighton Fringe.  Photo by David Smith.

Apple Tart

The contestant Apple Tart managed to gather the friendly audience onto the stage for a photo call.  Photo by David Smith.

Mimi Manhattan

The event was interlaced with a preview of a Brighton Fringe event called Deep in the Heart of Me which had the crowd erupt into singing, and was followed by a dance performance by Mimi Manhattan. Photo by David Smith.

Rico del Ray

The contestant Rico del Ray donned an entire Roman centurion’s armour uniform, complete with spear phallus.  Photo by David Smith.

Richard von Wild

Richard von Wild’s dirty rubber glove had the audience in tears.  Photo by David Smith.


Ollie, the graphic designer, had the audience giggling from the beginning.  Photo by David Smith.

David Klowie

David Bo- I mean David Klowie mesmerised the crowd with this Labyrinth inspired homage.  Photo by David S


The crowd huddled around the stage, with innumerable laughs and interaction with the acts throughout the night.  Photo by David Smith.

Rico del Ray runner up

Rico del Ray’s dedication earned a runner up place in the second round of King of the Fringe and the audience choice winner.  Photo by David Smith.

Ollie wins

But it was Ollie that won the inflatable gold crown, winning the second heat of King of the Fringe.  Photo by David Smith.

Who will be this year’s winner? Find out at the final at the Malborough Theatre:

Facebook event:



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