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| December 14, 2018

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Green Party slams Labour councillors for bin neglect around Brighton and Hove

Green Party slams Labour councillors for bin neglect around Brighton and Hove
Louisa Streeting

Labour councillors have failed to carry out the ‘City Clean’ service causing overflowing bins and missed collections in areas around Brighton and Hove, Green councillors have said.


According to a report on the city’s environment heard this Tuesday (9 October) with the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, residents could wait up to two years before seeing any improvements to City Clean.


Councillor Leo Littman, Green spokesperson for Environment, Transport and Sustainability said: “The failings of City Clean speak for themselves. Labour Councillors have failed to oversee the service, shown no leadership and have proven their incompetence at delivering even their own pledge.”


Green Party councillors believe Labour have broken their pledge with residents promised three and a half years ago, which received complaints regarding overflowing bins, street litter, and inaccessible customer service.


Cllr Littman also said: “Labour cut funding to City Clean, meaning that, unlike elsewhere in the country, our streets are often filthy and our refuse and recycling often goes uncollected.”


Last month, the council employed Rachel Chasseaud as the assistant director of City Environment to improve the City Clean service.


Cllr Littman added how council leaders from all parties had struggled with refuse collection during periods of industrial action; however, this instance was unique with no striking from workers, although it has reportedly been threatened.


Bin collection has been a growing problem over the years, with serious cases of fly-tipping in recent weeks.


In 2013, the Green Party made national headlines with their decision to cut the pay of some rubbish collectors’ wages by £4,000 a year in an attempt to “standardise council pay”.


This decision by the Greens caused a succession of official and unofficial strikes by workers.


Over the summer, the council were reported to have missed their targets as thousands of bins remained uncollected, causing the council to issue an official apology in August of this year.


In June, Gill Mitchell, the deputy council leader, stated issues were caused by a driver shortage, bin lorries overheating in the sun and bad parking by motorists.


Read about the Facebook page making light of the situation and documenting Brighton and Hove’s rubbish as art.





  1. Alastair Herbert

    This is a bit rich. The last time the greens had control of the council we had a city full of rubbish right in the middle of summer and one of the lowest recycling rates in the country. It was so bad even C Lucas distanced herself from the shambles created come the general election.

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