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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Last Day to Apply for Secondary Schools in Brighton and Hove

Last Day to Apply for Secondary Schools in Brighton and Hove
Hannah Midgley

If you’ve not yet applied to a secondary school in Brighton and Hove for your child then today is your last chance!

There is a range of great secondary schools right across the city, and though the application process is a big decision and can be a bit daunting,¬†you’ve still got time to make the right call for your child.

You’ll need to list you’re favourite school choices in order of preference. Priority in allocation goes to children in care, children with exceptional circumstances, siblings of children already at the school, children in the school catchment area, and then everyone else.

If there are more children than school places in the catchment area a computer program randomly allocates the available spaces. A few schools, such as faith schools, have their own admission system. Check out the admission guidelines and helpful tips on the council website before applying.

All applications are processed carefully and considered fairly. Every effort is made to allocate you one of your three preferences, if possible your first choice. School places are confirmed at the start of March.
Occasionally a place is not available at any of your preferred schools. When this happens your child will be allocated a place at the nearest school to your home address where space is available.
There is an appeal process for anyone who would like the allocation to be looked at again.

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