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Brighton Journal | 6th April 2020

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Launch Party At Brighton’s New Steinbeck & Shaw Cocktail Bar!

Launch Party At Brighton’s New Steinbeck & Shaw Cocktail Bar!
Hannah Midgley

Gorgeous cocktails ranging from all-time favourites such as classic mojitos to more exotic creations like a peach and passion fruit margarita, wood fired pizza and party vibes were on the menu of Friday’s Steinbeck and Shaw launch party. Many party-goers came down to check out the new venue and enjoy some fresh cocktails before heading out to PRYZM next door.


Molly, Rosie, Scarlett and Georgina had seen the event on Facebook and came down have some drinks before going clubbing. The large cocktail menu was just perfect for these “classy ladies”.


Alex and Caroline were down in Brighton for the weekend and walked past the new bar by chance. “I really like it. It’s a cool place”, Alex said.


Alex, Abbie, Charlotte and Charlie from the Flight Centre had reserved a table not to miss out on the launch party.


Phoebe and Luke from WhotNow App came down to check out the new venue.


A great eye-catcher. The marry-go-round horse near the bar entrance.


Charlotte and Becky were lucky got a VIP invitation thanks to Becky’s work.


Dara, Jessica and Nat were seduced by the 50% off cocktails and especially recommended the peach and passion fruit margaritas. “It’s a great place”, they said.


Dara and Jessica with their two other friends Sarah and Abi.


Throughout the entire evening, people were queuing at the bar to try out as many cocktails as possible. And they were so good!


Sophie, Hayley, Corrie and Grant hadn’t tried the cocktails yet but already liked the place thanks to its cool interior design.


Imogen and professional cocktail maker Rae came to try the cocktails. Rae’s judgment: “They’re good but they break the mint what you shouldn’t do.”


The tastefully decorated interior developed its full charm once it got dark and the different light installations were switched on.

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