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| November 16, 2018

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Little Girl Kyra Warrell Flies Out for First Operation After Fundraising Campaign

Little Girl Kyra Warrell Flies Out for First Operation After Fundraising Campaign
Peggy Bain
  • On January 31, 2018

6 year old Kyra Warrell has a rare leg deformity and was told by doctors that the only option for her was the amputation of her left leg so that she could use a prosthetic. Her parents however, discovered a pioneering American doctor could perform a leg lengthening surgery, that would give Kyra the use of both her legs.

Her parents Neil and Rima began a fundraising campaign in November: they have now raised £48,000 of the £58,000 necessary for the first operation. Yesterday Kyra flew out to Israel; a travel grant from the Please Take Me There charity has funded the family’s flights.

Dr Dror Paley performs the surgery once a year and he will be there on Thursday. The family hope to raise the rest of their money through further fundraising activities whilst there.

Rima said: “It’s been amazing. It’s overwhelming really, why us, why are people really wanting to help? I can’t put it in words how incredible it’s been.

“It’s such a daunting amount to raise. People are donating more than once. We ca’t get our heads around it.

“Kyra is just six years old – she’s happy one day and the next she’s grumpy and she doesn’t want to do any photographs. When we’d raised £40,000, she asked why she couldn’t have 40,000 sweets instead.

“She knows the seriousness of it all because she’s heard us talking to the doctors. She remembers the good things about the previous operations like getting to eat coco pops for breakfast. And she’s excited about having her birthday overseas next week.”

Despite this huge achievement, Kyra and her parents still need help. Once they’ve completed this fundraising campaign they will need to begin campaigning for the second operation, which will be even more expensive.

Rima said: “Next year we will have to temporarily relocate to Florida for a few months, which will also be expensive, and we’ll need to raise £95,000 for that and the operation.

“Assuming we make our target for this, anything more will go towards the next target.”

Click here to donate money to Kyra’s campaign.

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