Local cancer services are set to receive a huge, potentially pivotal boost. This is because the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath is increasing its chemotherapy units, meaning that they will be more readily and widely available.

Currently, the majority of patients must commute, at often inconvenient times, in order to receive their care. Patients generally spoke highly of the services received, but this new addition will aid all, and ease the strain of cancer services.

Leigh Harvey, Lead Cancer Nurse at Princess Royal Hospital and Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital, has shown that they are taking the needs of patients into account: “Travel to Brighton has been a necessary part of their treatment, but they have told us that can be inconvenient, time-consuming and tiring.”

Services will now be available 5 days a week at Haywards Heath, and Leigh is hugely convinced of the benefits of this: “When we started to examine how we could offer treatment five days a week, the benefits to our patients became self-evident.

She believes that it will greatly improve the lifestyle of patients: “Less travel means less stress, less financial burden and more time to do everyday things which you can’t do from a traffic jam or train carriage.”

The Brighton services are still seen as superior to those in Haywards Heath, offering a more complex and diverse range of therapies. However, as Leigh states, this is just the first in a wave of improvements set to take place: “Later in the year, we’re also going to be offering a wider range of supportive therapies from the hospital to help our patients further improve their quality of life.”