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| January 19, 2019

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Local Residents Volunteer to Transform Street

Local Residents Volunteer to Transform Street
Scott Claridge

Over a year ago, a crowdfunding page was set up in order to raise money to pay for planters to be used on Boundary Road, in which plants donated from Mayberry Garden Centre would be used to give life back to the street.

The plants that were donated would have usually cost around £700, and whilst the target for the ‘Blooming Boundary campaign’ was originally £1,000, the people of Brighton managed to raise £1,759, a huge 175% of the original target.

The plan, created by Robert Nemeth who ran the Brighton Marathon last April in order to raise funds, came into action on Tuesday with over 40 members of the local community coming together to begin filling the street with life.

15 new planters were added in both Station Road and Boundary Road, two streets that residents had felt had been neglected by the Brighton and Hove City Council.

This is yet another example of local communities putting their well earned money and effort into transforming the local area.




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