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Brighton Journal | July 16, 2019

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Meet Lois O’Hara, the artist behind the first Influence series at the Projects

Meet Lois O’Hara, the artist behind the first Influence series at the Projects
Lorraine Bigi

Lois O’Hara will be the host of the first influence event at the Projects, a new series of events where influencing Brightonians will be sharing their work and the impact it has on our city.

You are probably already familiar with Lois O’Hara’s vibrant and colourful art. The Brighton-based artist and designer has an impressive client list, including American Express, Brighton and Hove Council, and London Design Festival, to name a few.

The power of vibrant colours

Lois is the woman behind the UK’s first giant basketball art court, located in the Saunders Park neighbourhood. The artist worked with Basketball England to bring this area – known for violence and drugs – back to life.

With the upcoming event ‘Colour is Power’ taking place at the end of the month, Brighton Journal had a chat with Lois O’Hara to learn more about her art and the inspiration behind it.

A chat with the artist

How would you describe your art?

Would you say it changed over time? If so, how?
My stile has developed over time. I used to draw realistic waves and seascapes at college, then at university I became obsessed with screenprinting and then I started to experiment with vibrant colours.

What are you hoping to convey to the viewers through your art?
I see colours as such a positive thing and I want others to experience this positivity, particularly when the colours surround you in a public space. I think colour has a big impact on people’s ever changing moods.

Are there any recurring themes surrounding your work?
I am interested in the idea of capturing the fluidity of an image in motion, stopping time and creating flow. I am inspired by the sea, music and how colour has a positive effect on mental health.

What is your most exciting project to date? How did it come about?
The basketball art court in Brighton. It took one year to plan and the surface measures 1100 square metres!

Has Brighton influenced you and your art?
Yes, I am from Brighton so I am eager to make my home town colourful to celebrate its wonderful diversity!

Upcoming projects

I know that you are going to be working with Brighton and Hove buses, can you tell us a bit about that?
Yes, I am designing a limited edition Brighton and Hove bus to promote a special campaign which is all about helping to combat loneliness. Lots of young people suffer from loneliness so I am hoping that my colourful bus will inspire people to chat more on the bus. Launching this March!

I saw that you are doing a collaboration with Boardies Apparel, how is that going? Have you always wanted to expand to fashion design with your art?
It’s going very well! The shorts are part of their Spring/Summer collection. They are going to be very colourful and quirky. It is exciting for me to expand my pattern work onto clothing and into the fashion industry.

Can you tell me a bit about the conference that you are going to do at the Projects?
I will be discussing all things colour and how powerful it can be in public spaces. It’s on the 30th of January and tickets are £6!

Finally, what are your plans for the future?
I want to compete with myself and get better every day. I want my work to get even bigger in scale.

Influence: Colour is Power with Lois O’Hara will take place on the 30th of January at 17:30 at the Project (8-9 Ship Street). Tickets are £6 and they can be purchased on the Eventbrite website.

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