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| January 17, 2019

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Man Stole £175,000 of Meat From Brighton Company to Fund Drugs Habit

Man Stole £175,000 of Meat From Brighton Company to Fund Drugs Habit
Jack Mitchell-Charman

When it comes to the drugs business, there are surely many bizarre ways in which people have gone about feeding their addictions. A rather strange story has emerged in Brighton, in which a man stole around £175,000 of meat.

24-year-old George Hillyer, of Shoreham in West Sussex, fed his cocaine habit by stealing premium cuts of meat after-hours from a wholesale butcher in Brighton, namely RP Meats.

To have stolen such a vast amount of meat seems hugely unlikely, but after Hillyer was caught on CCTV by his employers, he eventually admitted the degree of his crimes.

Hillyer had been stealing between September 2016 to July 2017. He at first he insisted on having taken around £30,000 worth, but eventually, this figure drastically rose. This dispute over the amount stolen led proceedings to be delayed.

By stealing in such quantities, Hillyer has seriously damaged the lives of his co-workers.

Recorder Bruce Holder spoke of Hillyer’s clear desperation: “You knew CCTV had been installed but you were not deflected. Your greed clearly got the better of you. You were clearly selling goods to order.”

However, Ross Talbott, defending, has claimed that Hillyer, despite his crimes, was not living any kind of idyllic life:

“He was not living a lavish lifestyle and a life of luxury from the proceeds. He was spending it on himself, his children and his drug habit.”

Hillyer will not be getting off lightly. He has a suspended two-year prison sentence, must complete 260 hours of unpaid work, and may owe up to £197,000 in compensation to his employers.

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