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| December 10, 2018

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Meet Corinne And Lizzy Ahead Of Their Big Charity Climb

Meet Corinne And Lizzy Ahead Of Their Big Charity Climb
Sarah George

Climbing a 30-foot wall is no mean feat for the fittest of us, but for Corinne Mills and Lizzy Dingemans it’s going to be even more of a challenge.

These two lovely ladies have dyspraxia, an inherited congenital condition which impairs co-ordination and cognitive processing. They therefore expect to fall off the wall a few times!


Corrine looks tiny in comparison to the wall!

Dyspraxia affects everyone differently, but common symptoms include poor motor skills and an inability to follow lists, patterns, or recipes. Lizzy said she has learnt to laugh at herself in light of everything: “There’s no cure because it’s in your brain. It’s a brain disorder and it’s about your brain not being able to send the correct messages to your limbs and other parts of your body to perform tasks,” she said.

They’re completing the climb in aid of City Cat Shelter and Cat’s Protection – two charities which are dear to them as cat lovers.

Lizy came up with the idea when her friend posted a funny picture of a cat completing a rock climbing wall. She said: “I wrote about how awesome that was in my group and someone commented ‘oh, you could totally do that’ and I said ‘I couldn’t because I am dyspraxic.’ Then I thought ‘why the hell not!’”

A quarter of the way into their fundraising timescale, Corinne and Lizzy have now raised more than half of their £750 target. “I have a feeling I might find the climb harder than I think,” Corinne explained, “at the moment I think I’ll be fine because most of my condition is in my head.”

Lizzy, on the other hand, finds her dyspraxia affects her more physically and anticipates she will be in discomfort the following day. She says it’s worth it for the cats, though.


Sylvester relaxing in his fur-ever home

The pair came to know each other through Sylvester, Corinne’s gorgeous black and white tomcat. She used to always see him hanging around in Wellington Road and made friends with him over a couple of years, not realising he was a stray. It was only when a friend posted about Sylvester on Facebook seven months ago that Corinne realised he needed help.

City Cat Shelter, where Lizzy was working at the time, stepped in to help with catching Sylvester. The charitable organisation also paid his medical bills for dental treatment, neutering, and ear mite removal. He’s now as good as new, and Lizzy has gone on to found her own mobile cat services business.


Sylvester on the streets

“Neutering your cat is so important,” said Lizzy. “Not only does it help stop there being too many stray cats, it can also prevent cats from getting different kinds of cancer.”

The climb will take place at midday at High Sports in Withdean on March 22nd. You can sponsor this amazing feat on Justgiving by clicking here. Best of luck, ladies!

Lizzy and Corinne have also set up a Facebook community for dyspraxics, so if you’re living with the condition in Sussex, click here. 




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