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| November 14, 2018

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Meet: Mooredraw The Guy Behind Starfish & Coffee’s Art Mural

Meet: Mooredraw The Guy Behind Starfish & Coffee’s Art Mural
Emily Stoner

You may think the name Adam Moore is familiar and you may recognise his artwork from our post about Starfish & Coffee, he created the art mural on the cafe’s wall inspired by Prince.

Adam Moore describes himself as an illustrator who focuses on visual narratives, he draws everything by hand and then colours them in digitally, but also paints when he can. His main interest is comics, but he has worked on a range of projects from greeting cards to fabric design!

Credit: Adam Moore

Credit: Adam Moore

Since childhood he has had a ‘compulsion’ to create things. Although, Adam went through a brief period of wanting to become a rockstar, drawing and painting have always been his artistic calling; he explains “I was drawing comics and funny little characters for most of my childhood and have just continued doing that while slowly refining the process.”

Adam characterises his work as funny, dark and weird but says that’s only what he has been told, he jokes saying it all seems ‘lovely and normal’ to him.

Via: Adam Moore

Via: Adam Moore

“At University I studied Fine Art, but was still making funny little illustrated books the whole time and trying to convince my tutors that they were Fine Art. A couple of years after finishing Uni I realised that actually it was illustration that I had been doing all along, so I did an MA in illustration and have been doing freelance work and personal projects since then,” speaking about how he got into this line of work.

There has never been a reason why Adam creates art as it is more of an urge, like many other artists we have spoken to if he lacks a creative outlet for a significant amount of time, he can feel rather lost.

He grew up in a little Village called St Merryn in Cornwall right by the sea. He credits the ocean is a big source of inspiration saying he feels uncomfortable living inland, so it is important for him to live on the coast.

Living in Brighton for the last 10 years he talks about how much inspiring artwork is made here; “I really feel like there’s a great community of artists that help each other out and support one another.”

Adam continues saying that the only downside of this is that it can be a competitive place for an artist. He talks about the ‘standard issue’ of hoping that his work is good and the struggle to try and get paid for it. But he optimistically says these issues are a “fair trade off” for everything Brighton gives in return.

Via: Adam Moore

Via: Adam Moore

Currently in the works is a children’s book about a Hippo. Adam is hoping to get the book published once is it finished but he says its been a long process as he only picks it up in between other jobs.

His ideas are formed from all kinds of inspiration, Brighton’s vibrant and engaging music scene, things his friends says, things he overhears, his dreams, films, TV and swimming. Adam tells us about how he comes up with ideas;

“I try not to dwell on it too much in a slightly superstitious worry of jinxing it. I guess overall it feels a bit like a process of osmosis, where things slowly get sucked in and over time they’ll mutate and get mixed up and stuck together until some idea pops out, but I think I’m only really aware of a small fraction of the whole process.”

When telling us about the creative process that goes into his work, he says that he spends 90% of his time in the ideas stage of a project, exploring the meaning and the message and then 10% actually making the piece. Credit: Adam Moore

Credit: Adam Moore

The piece above is called Iceberg is the piece of work Adam feels happiest about at the moment, because he feels like it is the most accomplished comic he has made in terms of the storytelling, meaning and design. He often can flip flop between loving and hating his work depending on how long ago he made it. He told us that there are a couple of graphic novels he wants to make and has rough stories for them but it is difficult to find the time to get stuck into a long comic.

Aside from his artwork Adam has started to co-organising a bi-annual zine fair called ‘The Rose Tinted Spectacular’ with his friend Alice. He says the two events they have hosted so far have been really fun and he is looking forward to the next event in the Autumn. If you want to find out more about this click here.

You can find Adam on social media by his name MooreDraw. Good luck with your work Adam it was lovely speaking to you!

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