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Brighton Journal | 25th January 2020

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Milena And Her Passion For Coffee – Humans Of Brighton

Milena And Her Passion For Coffee – Humans Of Brighton
Hannah Midgley

For this week’s edition of Humans of Brighton we met Milena, a young Argentinian barista who shared with us her enthusiasm for coffee and her love for Brighton.

When did you move to Brighton?

I moved in 2015. I came here to learn how to make coffee and work in coffee shop.

When did your passion for coffee start?

I always loved coffee! I’ve got pictures of 10 years old me trying to make Starbucks-like coffees at home with my sister. Also, coffee is part of my culture, but we make it in the Italian way not filtered.

Why did you move to Brighton?

My sister moved to Berlin in 2013 and she always seemed pretty happy with her choice. Plus, I was always jealous of people living abroad and at one point I just thought to myself “Why not me? I could do it”. So I saved up for a year and went to Brighton. I’ve decided to move here after coming to Brighton on holiday and absolutely loving it! I loved how everyone in Brighton is so different, you can never feel left out. It’s almost like it’s a city made up of misfits.

Would you ever go away from Brighton?

Yes, I would move because Brighton is becoming too expensive so if i want to open a coffee shop it can’t be here. The coffee community in Berlin is growing a lot, so that is an option, but it’s not as insane as in Brighton which means i could open my own coffee shop. Madrid also has a nice coffee community, but they speak Spanish just like me and I want to go someplace where challenge myself every day.

Finally, what is the best place for coffee in Brighton?

Twin Pines in St.James Street is my favourite one. They rotate their beans very regularly so one week they have one bean and one week they have a completely different one. Every time I pass it I think “I have to have a coffee!”

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