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| November 14, 2018

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Mongolian Artwork on London Road

Mongolian Artwork on London Road
Kamilah McInnis

Is it an art gallery or is it a restaurant? Well actually, it’s both. To the average person DaVinci on London Road appears to be your ordinary run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant. Well-known in the London Road area for providing good quality authentic Italian food and a fun and friendly atmosphere DaVinci has made a positive name for itself since opening one year ago. However, a hidden gem hides within the restaurant which truly brings the authenticity and originality of DaVinci to a whole new level. Elbegzaya Khaltar has set up her own independent art workshop and exhibition at the back of DaVinci displaying some of her most innovative and talented work. Elbegzaya’s artwork combines the traditional aspects of the Mongolian painting style such as bright colours with a contemporary but abstract twist, producing something inspiringly beautiful.


As an accomplished artist, Elbegzaya has had a lot of her artwork published, including exhibitions displayed in Arundel, Brighton, London, Oxford and many more places. Before moving to Brighton eight years ago, Elbegzaya worked as an art teacher in Mongolia, teaching art to her many students including orphans whom she would help financially by selling her art, in turn growing to represent a motherly figure in their lives.

car on wallHer paintings are not just limited to the canvas with various pieces of Elbegzaya’s artwork brightening up the walls of DaVinci.

photo wallIncorporating positive energy in to her paintings, Elbegzaya likes her artwork to tell a story whilst also invoking questions from her audience. Paintings featuring horses are a commonality within her work as she admires how strong they are.

DSC_0842As one of her favourite paintings, ‘The One Eyed Horse’ portrays the message of patience with the one eye in particular symbolising sight and watching. Elbegzaya’s paintings are for sale, selling typically between £500-£3000. Having painted for over forty years, painting and art are one of Elbegzaya’s biggest passions in life. Through her artwork she can express her most inner emotions converting them in to something distinctively enchanting in the process, making her exhibition truly something not to be missed.

Kamilah McInnis


  1. Elbegzaya Khaltar.

    Thank you very much !!! Dear Kamilan Mclnnis

  2. L richards

    AMazing art work – first impression is good, but look again, and again, and again. the details is fantastic. Something for everyone here thoughyoumight doubt that initially.

  3. Lucy

    Lovely art work very detailed, love the wall paintings x

  4. Graham Sargent

    Every time I go into the da Vinci restaurant I have to take a look at the new exciting artwork on the walls ,
    So much detail goes into her pictures.

  5. Turğay Köç

    Very attractive and good-looking paintings.

  6. Yaz and sian

    Absolute amazing artwork in this place… So creative. Very welcoming and warming. Would recommend to anyone who loves art or even to relax. X

  7. Sean O'Connor

    Fresh, vivid and holding an enchanting mystical quality. I would never tire.

  8. Maureen Wilkinson

    Loved our visit here this morning and feel I have left behind a new friend. She is an incredibly talented artist and a lovely warm person. Not sure if this is posting so I have done it twice. Will definitely revisit her before we leave Brighton

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