Recent polls have been damming for the Labour party in the city, with an ICM poll this month suggesting Labour would lose its sole seat in the city if an election was to be held imminently under Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

A proposal the left-wing duo cannot agree upon.

A proposal the left-wing duo cannot agree upon.

Calls for an electoral pact had been intensified after shadow defence secretary Clive Lewis suggested a pact between Greens, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists as a way of returning a lift-wing government in 2020. Ms Lucas has also encouraged the idea of a progressive alliance to see a return to power of many left-wing politicians.

Mr Corbyn who spoke exclusively to the Argus earlier today didn’t hesitate to rule out such an idea, stating:

“At the moment no. What we are doing as a party committed to the Labour cause and position, in opposition in parliament in order to maximise votes against the government obviously we cooperate with other opposition parties.

“Does this translate into electoral pacts? No.”

Corbyn who arrived into the city by the Thameslink train service yesterday, joined a cast of highly prominent figures criticising the current train system stating it was much to the detriment of the city that the trainline is so insufficient and inadequate.

Corbyn suggested publish ownership of train operating companies and the reintroduction of the Uckfield line as solutions to the ongoing troubles with the cities main train line.