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| January 17, 2019

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Music for People with Dementia: Huge Grant Awarded for Music in Hospitals Programme

Music for People with Dementia: Huge Grant Awarded for Music in Hospitals Programme
Kim Ayling
  • On May 22, 2018

Art’s Council England have just awarded an amazing grant of over £39,000 to Rhythmix, the people behind the Wishing Well Music in Healthcare programme, which aims to bring live music to people with dementia.

This fantastic programme brings music to the bedside of people with dementia in hospitals, and will be running for an impressive span of two years, in accordance with their partnerships with several hospitals including the Royal Sussex County Hospitals.

It has been found that music and creative experiences within a hospital setting can have profound effects on a patients wellbeing. The team plan on bringing a huge variety of musical excitement to patient’s bedsides, which is in turn intended to shed light on both people’s talents and their life stories. Rhythmix wants to bring the attention away from what people with dementia can’t do, and instead celebrate what they can do, as well as support those who have been hospitalised.

In the UK, someone is diagnosed with dementia every three minutes, meaning it is fantastic to see a grant go to a cause that will bring joy back to so many in this country who have dementia.

Rhythmix’s Vice Chair, Jane Humberstone, has commented that “music is part of our everyday life and we all know it is good for us. However, to have confirmed that it continues to have such positive effects even into late dementia is truly uplifting.” She goes on to thank Arts Council England for their “continued support for this work”.

The announcement of this grant falls in conjunction with Dementia Action Week, which began yesterday, and therefore alongside Sussex Police’s new scheme intending to support those with dementia and their loved ones. You can read more about this scheme, which has been named the Herbert Protocol in honour of a World War II veteran who had dementia and often went missing from his nursing home, in our post here.

To find out more about Rythmix, visit their site here, and to learn about the incredible Wishing Well Music in Healthcare programme, visit the website.

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