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| May 20, 2019

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My Favourite Murder Review

My Favourite Murder Review
Emily Stoner

If you love true crime stories, I beg you check this out now! As a lover of the podcast Serial, and the TV show Making Of A Murderer this podcast fits right in. It’s first episode aired on January 14th 2016. It’s 78th and most recent episode aired last Thursday on the 20th of July 2016.

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, friends who bonded over their love of murder, not wanting to get murdered and crazy crimes, decided to make a podcast talking about their favourite murders.

Their friendship is what makes this podcast so engaging. I love how unapologetically themselves they are, like no one else is listening to their conversation. It’s so taboo and they don’t care because it feels like a conversation between friends, in which you aren’t being judged as its a safe place. It certainly doesn’t feel staged or like they have scripts, they just bounce off of each other and are truly excited by what the other has to say.

They often stray from the topic like in all normal and natural conversation, and have interesting things to add. They aren’t caught up in getting all the details right and you can tell the podcast is raw in the beginning because at one point you hear one of them say; “oh well we can edit all this out anyways.” And they didn’t and thats why I love it, they are just doing this for their pure enjoyment.

I can imagine their friendship began along the lines of ‘wait you like that too, I’ve never met anyone like me!’ Followed by a deep encapsulating conversation about murders and murderers and us as listeners have been lucky enough to be invited into this intimate conversation.

The podcast is part of the comedy genre, and truth be told I have burst out laughing more than once listening to it. It is so outrageously cynical. I understand it is not for everyone, definitely not children, and you need to listen to it with a light heart or it would be a lot scarier and more depressing. The women do an incredible job of making sure the stories are kept light with quick whips of humour.

Some may find the podcast distasteful, but I think you just cannot take life too seriously.

Only on episode 5; at around an hour per episode, I have a lot more to catch up on from my friends Karen and Georgia.

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