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| May 20, 2019

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My Vegan Christmas: Alex from Loving Hut

My Vegan Christmas: Alex from Loving Hut
Pete Humphreys

We caught up with Alex from the North Laine Loving Hut to find out how he does Christmas, vegan-style.

“”My Christmas looks much the same as anyone else’s. Instead of the main we do a filo pastry filled with onion, garlic, mushroom and fresh rosemary all fried with soy cream in a filo pastry. We do roast potatoes, Yorkshires, stuffing, mixed veg, vegan gravy and bread sauce. It’s very easy just to substitute everything out. “

Alex at Loving Hut

Alex at work

“I wouldn’t normally use tofu for Christmas. It is more like an egg substitute I would say. If I went for a nut roast then cashew nuts are always the best. If not maybe hazelnuts, pecans and pine nuts. Use as many fresh herbs as possible like parsley. If your adding tomato get some fresh basil in there. A bit of cayenne pepper is always good. “

“I’’ll be spending Christmas with my girlfriend and family this year. It’s a bit of a free-for-all. Some people go for a walk after lunch while others play with their presents, but presents obviously come before lunch. It’’s probably the first thing when we get up in the morning. I’’m really looking forward to having a few days off and seeing all my family. “

Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

Delicious Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake

“I’’ve been working at the Loving Hut since it opened, so a year and three quarters now. It’s a really friendly environment. Obviously we have a largely vegan clientele, including a lot of people who have just transitioned to it. There’s a lot of meat substitute foods like burgers and breakfasts but we also do traditional Cantonese food as well. “

“My favourite is the wanton noodle soup. You can’t get that anywhere else because the dumplings are handmade downstairs. The fresh greens and homemade broth make it absolutely fantastic. I’’ve got mates who aren’’t vegan or anything. They come and get it anyway. “

“My message to the word? Eat less meat please.”

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