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Brighton Journal | 20th October 2019

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Neck Contouring is Now a Thing

Neck Contouring is Now a Thing
Hannah Midgley

Have you ever been really worried about how the back of your neck looks? No me neither, but apparently we should be. Neck contouring is officially a thing, and it’s becoming the next big Insta-trend. We understand the benefits of contouring on your face and your jawline, that makes sense, but contouring your neck?! Seriously?

Beauty vlogger Makeup Wearables created this Instagram video to show you how to contour your neck quickly and easily, should you choose to. She claims its great if you’re opting for an up-do and it’s cheaper than a neck lift. Well, she’s not wrong. The video shows a fairly simple contouring method, using light and dark contour cream but it must be really difficult considering it’s the back of your head…and you can’t see it. I suppose you could get a friend to do it for you but I can already envision the reaction I would get if I asked my bestie to ‘contour my neck’.

To be fair, if you contour your neck it does look slimmer and more sculpted, but the point is should we even care? Not only is it time consuming and will rack up the biggest dry cleaning bill but it also gives us yet another thing to be concerned about. However, should you want to learn how to contour your neck, you can do so by watching the video below.

Holly Martin

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