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| November 16, 2018

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New Beauty Craze is Egg-strodinary

New Beauty Craze is Egg-strodinary
Holly Martin

The phrase ‘egg on your face’ takes on a very literal meaning when discussing the new beauty craze that’s taking Korea and the US by storm. The trusty egg has long been cited as a natural source of protein and collagen, which is why it’s become a vital ingredient in products by Korean beauty brand, Too Cool for School.

Too Cool for School have come up with a high-tech formula that turns the egg whites into airy, meringuelike textures and turned them into beauty products. These products promise to eliminate blackheads, smooth fine lines, and brighten dull complexions. The products essentially puts all the good things about eggs into a beauty product, eliminating the risk of salmonella, and the risk of a horrendous mess.

The products come in various forms, such as the Egg Mousse, an Egg Cream Mask and an Egg Mousse Soap. On their e-store, they have said “extracts of egg white and egg yolk provide essential nutrients to the skin and eliminate unwanted sebum and dead cells to provide clean, smooth, supple skin. A low-irritation micro-fibre mask enfolds your skin with a soft, silky touch to give an even tone, fits snuggly around the natural contours of your face for perfect care.

Too Cool for School aren’t the first business to pick up on the benefits of eggs, however. Sephora have been selling their Blackhead Steam Balm, in the shape of an egg, for a while now. The product is self-heating and transforms into a gel-like texture to help remove dirt and oil, leaving skin soft and hydrated. It’s infused with charcoal powder and sea salt. SokoGlam, a Korean beauty business based in California are also selling an Egg White Pore Foam, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Peach and Lily also do their own Egg White Bubble Cleanser which is said to increase firmness and elasticity in your skin.

According to dermatologist Ellen Marmur, the addition of egg whites to cleansers helps offset the drying side effect of surfactants and helps boost the skin’s natural lipids. Though it doesn’t seem like you can buy the egg white products in the UK, you can order them online.


Holly Martin

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