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| January 17, 2019

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Oceans New EP Release at The Hope and Ruin – March 13th

Oceans New EP Release at The Hope and Ruin – March 13th
Peggy Bain
  • On February 26, 2018

Oceans, a five piece alternative rock band originally formed in Brighton, will release their brand new EP ‘Far From Composure’ this March. The band have refined their sound over the last few years, gigging around the UK and developing a significant following in Camden. Oceans’ musicians have come and gone over time, leaving Conor Hyde as the only remaining original player. What has remained constant is a raw and hypnotic sound that is hard to shake off.

The group are renowned and celebrated for refusing to adhere to genre labels; lyricist and lead singer Zach Silver stated their sound was: ‘coming out of nowhere’. Oceans might be described as occupying a space close to metal, but this shouldn’t discourage those who dislike the genre as even the group’s heavier stuff is bursting with melody. As the band have gained momentum their post-hardcore influences have made way for a lighter, perhaps more accessible (but no less interesting) sound.

“Oceans do not fit within a single genre bubble. Like the lovechild of Ed Sheeran, Of Mice & Men, Head North, and Don Broco (if that were even possible), Oceans blend several influences to create a sound that is all their own, yet unlike anything we’ve listened to.”– Thats Why We Musyc

“They can also expect elements of funk, post-hardcore and lots of riffs! I’d imagine people listening to the EP will struggle relating it to anything else.” – IndieBeat

Alluring melodies suck the listener in, whilst impressive guitar rifts showcase the band’s serious talent. These instrumentals are captivating but not self-indulgent, and there’s more than enough to entertain the ear without sacrificing a familiar, catchy melody. ‘Far From Composure’ will be launched on Tuesday 13th March at Brighton’s Hope and Ruin.

Featured image by Cairns Livingstone

Guitarist Tom Hollands and front man Zach Silver, 2 year veteran members, shared their thoughts about the band:


How do you feel about your reputation as a hybrid band that exists between genres?

“Everything’s been done at the moment, that’s the issue … so to have something that people are still sort of struggling to figure out … I like the fact people have to figure it out.” – Zach

“We’re kind of figuring out whether it’s a blessing or a curse at the moment” – Tom

Do you have some new material in the works?

“(We’re) already working on new songs … I’m excited for the new songs … Something we’ve learnt, especially from recording ‘Far From Composure’, is that it’s a good thing to continue writing, you need to continually write more and more songs. We could end up with 30 or 40 songs, and then have to whittle it down to the three best.” – Zach

“The material off the EP we’ve been playing for a very long time, and it’s not even out yet, so we’ve still got to play it for a long time … but we still enjoy it.” – Tom

What’s the band’s writing process? 

“It tends to be ideas that are just done at home and then we bring it to rehearsal and jam to it. We jam a lot and that’s how we come up with a lot of melodies and stuff as well. I tend to say to Tom or Conor if they’re to write a new melody could they run it past me… I’d like to say I could write a good melody over a really technical piece of music but sometimes it is a struggle and you want the hook to be really good. My way of doing it is if I write something .. and the next morning I wake up and it’s not stuck in my head or I don’t remember it, I scrap it. If I can’t remember it then who else is going to remember it?” – Zach

“We sweat out a lot of material in the writing process. … Conor and I usually sit down and go through all the guitar together, and try to make two guitars work together chordally. Sometimes we finish whole songs at home and take them to rehearsel and then scrap (them). … The writing process is kind of all of us in the end, which is nice.” – Tom

Is there any difficulty in balancing catchy, melodic vocals with more intricate instrumental stuff? 

“I think now we’ve all come to the realization that, especially if we want to do well, the vocal melody has to pop, it needs to stick out and be catchy and you need to have that element of pop in it, which I like anyway. But there are areas for the instrumentals to really shine, we always make sure of that.” – Zach

What should audiences expect from your new EP release, ‘Far From Composure’?

“There are elements that have stayed the same but altogether it’s more melodic … it’s heavier in places but then it’s poppier in places, we don’t really know what to expect”  – Zach

“It’s more cohesive, I think we’re finding our sound a lot more now than beforehand. It’s always going to change for each EP.” – Tom

What was the worst gig you’ve ever done? 

“I think the worst gig was probably Eastbourne. We turned up there, and we walked into the venue, and it was a building site. There were people painting the ceiling, painting the walls, there were wires hanging out everywhere, somebody was sawing through the ceiling. They wouldn’t let us in the building, they delayed the loading time by about 2 and a half, and people actually turned up at the venue, … people that actually came for the gig, and they just weren’t allowed in … By the time we actually performed it was like midnight. We were literally performing to the builders and they were all falling asleep because they’d had a long day at work, it was awful.” – Zach

What should audiences coming to the Hope and Ruin on March 13th expect from that night?  

“It’s a brilliant, brilliant venue … it’s the most amazing big space to watch, the stage is a really good size, the sound there’s great, the staff are lovely, it’s the perfect place for a launch. It should be a really, really good night.” – Zach

“We’ve got a band called Quiet Lions who we played for before … they’re really good. … The other band we’ve got are a band called El Moono, an upcoming band… they’re Biffy Clyro-esque.” – Tom

What are your future ambitions for the band? 

“A signing is hopefully on the horizon, but we’re so involved and we always have been very much DIY … because there’s five of us as well we split the workload and we get everything done. Even our manager now, he’s taken on a lot of the work, but we still like to know what’s going on. I wouldn’t dive into anything, you’ve got to make sure it’s right.”

Listen to Oceans on Spotify or find their tracks on Youtube

Band members: Zach Silver – Vocals, Conor Hyde – Guitar, Tom Hollands – Guitar, Jack Warren – Bass, James Gillingham – Drums.

Featured image by Jennifer Sanson

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