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| November 14, 2018

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Order Like an Italian As The World’s First Hand Gesture Menu Comes to Brighton

Order Like an Italian As The World’s First Hand Gesture Menu Comes to Brighton
Sarah George

In a bid to bring British diners a more hands-on Italian approach, restaurant chain ASK has unveiled a menu which can only be ordered with hand gestures. Five new dishes including the tomato-and-olive-studded Alto Pizza will be on offer from 14 March, but you’ll have to order them by gesticulating!

It’s the first menu of its kind in the world, and was inspired by the Italian custom of using hand gestures to say everything from “what do you want from me?” to “that’ll be the day”.


Corinne Prior, Marketing Director at ASK Italian, says: “We are really excited to launch our ‘hand gesture’ menu in all our restaurants nationwide as we want to spread the spirit of eating like Italians, who are known for using mealtimes as an opportunity to connect with others and to enjoy spending time together.”

In fact, Italians can use up to 250 hand gestures a day to convey their emotions – be they joyful, angry, or sad. If you want to say something tastes good in Italy, just twist your index finger into your cheek.

In order to guarantee authenticity, ASK’s new menu was designed in collaboration with Italian experts from the Vivere L’Italiano language school. The movements combine traditional Italian gestures for words like ‘spicy’ and ‘excellent’ with brand-new motions which mean ‘burrata’ and ‘gnocchi’.


Stefania Ruggieri, Italian language expert and course co-ordinator at Vivere L’Italiano language school, says: “Hand gestures are an integral part of the Italian language, involved in everything from arguing to declarations of love, and are as much a part of the Italian experience as breathing or eating.

“We’re happy to help ASK Italian bring a taste of this Italian experience to British diners”.


Brighton’s ASK is located at 58 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF.

To see the full hand gesture menu or to book a table, click here.

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