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| December 10, 2018

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Overrun Brighton Station Closed

Overrun Brighton Station Closed
Cavan Halley

Brighton station was closed on Tuesday night amongst fears commuters had fainted and taken ill due to the hot weather. The station was also closed due to dangerous overcrowding.

The highly criticised train route has suffered delays and cancellations throughout the day due to signalling failures around Gatwick Airport which were aggravated by a hole in the south-east London area.

Brighton station was actually closed temporarily at 19:20 BST to account for the large crowds which had built up to disperse. It was only as a result of crowd control measure that this could occur.

Southern contrary to reports claimed it had received no reports of passengers being taken ill.

Tuesday had been the hottest day of 2016 so far.

Passengers were crammed into station concourses and those who finally made it onto trains claimed air conditioning on board some of the services between Brighton and the capital weren’t working.

A third world service?

A third world service?

Commuters were handed water bottles at the station in a timid attempt by Southern to keep commuters happy.

Jo Edwards tweeted: “At Vict – no trains to Brighton, no advice/updates, poor lad has just fainted & being fanned by his dad, third world service”.

This is the last thing Southern need after their recent problems with service timetables and their ongoing industrial dispute.

Toby Robertson wrote: “Get rid of these clowns. It’s dangerous. Short form train, people fainting.”

Local MP Peter Kyle (Hove) and Caroline Lucas (Brighton) have vowed to bring this incident to the attention of the government with kyle vowing to make the anger felt of those commuting known to Parliament.

A spokeswoman for Southern said: “We’ve had no reports of any passengers being taken ill or fainting however social media would suggest otherwise and we will investigate this further.

“We do of course apologise to any customers that have experienced any issues with overheating on our services today.”

An incident like Tuesday has been coming as a result of a long drawn out RMT dispute. Paul Maynard new rail minister will appear before the Common Transport Select Committee on Wednesday to give evidence on his departments role in the dispute.

Were you commuting yesterday on the Southern Lines from Brighton to Victoria, let us know what you experienced.

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