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Brighton Journal | 5th April 2020

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‘Painted Stories’ exhibition – Artists of the Week

‘Painted Stories’ exhibition – Artists of the Week
Louisa Streeting

Art retains the timeless quality of narrating stories that differ from artist to artist. Brighton Journal explored styles and works of the four Brighton-based artists featured in the ‘Painted Stories’ exhibition at the end of the month.


 Gallery40 based in the heart of Brighton and Hove will host the artworks of Faye Bridgwater, Suzi Lowe, Moyra Scott and Suzie Poyntz with new exciting original paintings, drawings and prints. This exhibition celebrates both women in art and the freedom in creativity by exploring their artistic work. 


Artwork by Faye Bridgwater


Inspired by the Sussex landscape and coastline, Faye’s paintings capture those fleeting moments of light, movement and feelings. The paintings are timeless and conjure distant memories. In her new work for ‘Painted Stories’, she will be exploring moodier and darker skies. 


Faye received a message to say an artist had pulled out of the exhibition space, and so she lept to the chance inviting Suzi Lowe, Moyra Scott and Suzie Poyntz to also exhibite their work. In the lead-up to the exhibition, Faye has been spending every minute she can in the studio. 


Artwork by Suzi Lowe


Suzi lets the brush do the talking on the canvas, enjoying sumptuous colours, and investigating new exploring materials, utensils and techniques. She is constantly on an exciting journey battling her struggles and celebrating her triumphs in her work.


Artwork by Moyra Scott


Moyra Scott creates stylised portraits for commissionary work and believes art is for everyone. Morya said: “I work in layers and creates beautiful colourful paintings that have a dreamlike quality to them.” As a qualified coach and yoga teacher, she also runs Creative Wild Art Journaling sessions for groups and Wild Painting Weekend retreats. 


Artwork by Suzie Poyntz


Suzie runs ‘Arty Farty’, an art club in Hanover twice a week for 7-11 year-olds while also being an avid artist herself. “I have been exploring mark-making & playful pattern using graphite, ink, charcoal, pastel & a limited paint palette to produce small fresh & vibrant abstract works perfect for small houses and small budgets.”


‘Painted Stories’ exhibition is open from Tuesday 27th November – Sunday 2nd December. Open 10am-6pm daily.

Cards featuring the artwork will be available to purchase from £2.50 and original art from £45-£650.

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