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| May 24, 2019

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Parents show their support for the upcoming Student Climate March

Parents show their support for the upcoming Student Climate March
Lorraine Bigi

On February 15th 2019, Brighton students skipped school to join the first Student Climate March in the city, simultaneously organised in most major UK cities.

Although it was a great success, some schools encouraged students to attend classes, and many parents were sceptical about their children’s real interest in climate change.

©Ellie Wyatt

This was not the case for Ellie Wyatt, who created a Facebook group called ‘YouthStrike4Climate – Parents‘, where parents, carers and guardians can peacefully discuss with each other and encourage their children to take part in the upcoming March, set to be even bigger than the previous one.

Ellie: “We are basically running the page to facilitate conversation and support for our children, teenagers and young adults who are choosing to take action. When only a handful of MPs bother to turn up to the first climate debate in two years it’s no wonder kids are feeling angry and let down by the current system.”

Ellie wants to make sure the group is about sharing information, rather than debating whether strikes should be happening.

©Ellie Wyatt

Parents are encouraged to come to the march with their kids to support them. They can also represent them on the day with a sign saying the age of their children and ACT NOW.

When asked what she would tell parents who do not want their children going to the strike, Ellie said:

“I think all parents should applaud the initiative and energy that is going into this campaign. They know they have to fight for change right now. This is a mass civil protest and it is growing around the world. We can’t tell kids they have to study science in school and then expect them to ignore what all the world’s scientists are telling us!”

Featured image ©Eddie Mitchell

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