January 24, 2022

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Pinara won the battle at the Palacio de la Monet to coordinate change in Chile

Gabriel Borick and Sebastian Pinera

Outgoing Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, President-elect Gabriel Boric, received this Monday at 2:00 p.m., local time. The winner of the second round of the presidential election held this Sunday.

“Gabriel is going to be one of the youngest presidents in recent times. One should always know how to combine strength, idealism, the spirit of youth, wisdom and the experience of gray hair. Pinera points out.

Admitting that he had accepted the invitation because “a lot needs to be done in this transformation process”, Boric arrived in the Palacio de la Monet several minutes before to welcome a group of supporters gathered at the entrance.

Once there, The president-elect was welcomed by government spokesman Jaime Bellolio, who accompanied him to the presidency., He has already met Pinora.

Pinara shows La Moneta to the battle
Pinara shows La Moneta to the battle

“Welcome to La Moneta. Have a good government. I know he will do what he can.”, According to pictures shared by the state television channel, Pinara has replaced him, to which Borik responds that he believes he will “face this huge challenge”.

Subsequent reports

After the meeting, the future Chilean president described talking to Pinara about international issues, epidemics and the importance of economic restructuring or budget issues.Third ‘.

“It was a fitting meeting between the elected president and the incumbent president. We know a lot about the biggest challenges we face today. “, Borick said, he has shifted his silence to “regulatory and institutional command transfer”.

Boric in La Moneta with President Pinara
Boric in La Moneta with President Pinara

“The state apparatus gets democracy to work, which is good news for Chile because no one knows how to appreciate it until it is lost. We need to evaluate and deepen it.”, Celebrated.

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Regarding the composition of his new cabinet, Borick has indicated that he hopes to confirm it before January 22 – the date on which Pinara announced his second term in 2018 – noting that he still has no name in mind. You say, “Having those conversations before confirming success would be bad taste.”

“We will do everything we can to expedite the process and carry out the testing and counter-verification process. It is important not to make mistakes as Chile’s confidence and vision in the world are at stake., Added.

It has been able to ensure that this will be a “coalition” government where women will be the “heroes”. “We are going to connect the best, the most talented and there will be independents,” he defended.

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