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Brighton Journal | June 24, 2019

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Police Call For Good Behaviour From Football Fans Ahead of England v Croatia

Police Call For Good Behaviour From Football Fans Ahead of England v Croatia
Hannah Midgley

In line with other forces across the country, Sussex Police have called for football fans to (hopefully) celebrate sensibly and with due regard for others ahead of tonight’s World Cup game, when England face Croatia for a place in Sunday’s final.

In recent weeks, high spirits following England’s incredible performances have unfortunately led to some poor behaviour across the country. Shocking nationwide figures have been released, revealing that has been a total of 1,086 football related incidents since the beginning of the World Cup, 226 domestic abuse related incidents and 230 related arrests have been made overall.

In one particularly bad incident, revellers on Borough High Street in London significantly damaged an ambulance, not only costing the tax payer, but also ensuring that the ambulance would be completely out of action in case of an emergency.

Whilst Brighton fortunately has not made national headlines for such antisocial behaviour, the city did see it’s fair share of overexcited fans following England’s victory over Sweden on Saturday. Many Brighton streets were entirely blocked off to traffic by celebrating fans pouring from pubs, as well as a few minor scuffles breaking out throughout the city.

Nearby in Eastbourne, there were a few incidents of excitement getting out of hand: one fan climbed on top of a moving police fan as it attempted to part the crowds which were blocking buses driving by the seafront. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Sussex Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry has made it clear that the police are in no way trying to discourage people from celebrating, rather encouraging fans to celebrate sensibly and considerately. In a statement, he said: “We don’t want to dampen enthusiasm for what has been a remarkable tournament so far and we are encouraging everyone to enjoy England’s current success. 

Indeed, for many too young to remember England winning the World Cup in 1966, it is a unique experience and one they should certainly treasure. 

The majority of people do so sportingly, without resorting to anti-social or even criminal behaviour, and it is that which we wish to promote.”

If you don’t fancy joining in on the madness that is guaranteed to ensue this evening, check out our guide to how to avoid football frenzy this evening!

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