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| November 16, 2018

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Police Arrest Prolific Gang Who Brought Class-A Drugs Into Brighton

Police Arrest Prolific Gang Who Brought Class-A Drugs Into Brighton
Jack Mitchell-Charman
Police have disrupted the operations of a major drug gang who dealt in the Brighton area. The dealers were importing from South East London, bringing in heroin and crack cocaine.
The gang of 8 were sentenced at Lewes Crown Court, and represent just a small proportion of the 80 people Brighton and Hove Police arrested in a six-month drugs operation.

There has been a major issue with ‘county line’ drug dealing, with police looking to set this straight.

A 22-year-old has received a sentence of five years and four months for their role in the operation. Tamarapreye Soroh managed the drug line phone, which he operated from his home in Bromley. He also was responsible for hiring and teaching the street runners in Brighton.

21-year old Kieren Sabkhabuth receive a sentence of three years. Detective Inspector Dee Wells spoke of Sabkhabuth’s role, in which he reported to Soroh on when “drug deals were happening, what he had left in stock and how much money he had collected.” He was employed by Soroh as a street runner.

6 others were also sentenced. These were:

  • Sade Woolnough, who received an 18 month sentence for her role
  • Chakotai Saunders, who received a 3 year sentece
  • Linsey Lumunye, who received a 2 year and 2 month sentence
  • Jerome Johns, who received an 18 month sentence
  • David Harris, who received a 24 month suspended sentence
  • Desharn Flynn-Koromo, who received a Youth Rehabilitation Order, as he was then 17


Police released these images of Lumunye, Saunders and Johns (left to right).

Overall, according to Wells, the six-month investigation racked up a total of “132 years” in prison sentences.

Wells also ensured that the problem will continue to be stamped out: “We continue to work with partners in the local authority and voluntary agencies, and will relentlessly pursue the peddlers of drugs.”

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